JUS Miracle Eye Cream
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JUS Miracle Eye Cream works effectively and over time to diminish the look of dark circles under the eye and fine lines. Its botanical ingredients reduce puffiness, gives firmed, brighter and more refreshed youthful looking eyes.. It contains an excellent anti-oxidant vitamin E that helps skin glow, tone tissue and prevent the delicate eye area from UV-induced damage. Specially developed with a breakthrough ingredient, this eye cream combats premature aging around the eye areas. It helps to reduce two common dark circle issues - pigmented melanin (brown circles) and poor micro-circulation (blue circles), and defies dark circles by inhibiting melanin production, fading existing pigmentation, and improving micro-circulation.

Active Ingredients

Algae Extract - help stimulate microcirculation, release of fatty acids and liquid around the eyes. Slow down skin’s premature aging and help reduce dark circles.

 Contains a blend of Natural Oils and Shea Butter that helps nourish the skin, which enables quick healing of dry skin. Softens, soothe and rejuvenate skin around the eye area.

 Vitamin E – An excellent anti-oxidant powers and skin moisturizing properties. It helps skin glow, tones tissues and plays an important role in the prevention of UV-induced damage.

 Vitamin A - helps to improve texture, firmness and smoothness of skin. It helps maintain a healthy complexion.

 Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, relieves eye bags and puffiness.

 Gives eye contouring with younger and brighter eyes.

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