Thermal Spring SOS Essence
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Key points:

  1. Help to Boost up Repairing Period
  1. For Normal Skin, it will Brighter, Rejuvenate, Minimise Pores and Faded Scars.



Rich in 10 kinds of trace elements, it has magical effect on skin treatment; can quickly repair damaged skin, eliminate redness, relieve sensitive symptoms


Main Ingredients:

  1. Waiwera Thermal Spring Water

Soothing Calming, Repairing Skin Barrier and damaged skin cells is called the “Healing Water” reputation.

  1. Bisabolol

Soothes redness. It not only has anti-inflammatory properties but also has been proven to have antibacterial activity which can effectively help the skin to relieve itching and relieve skin adverse reactions.

  1. Oat Kernel Extract

Promote fiber cell synthesis, collagen regeneration, promote wound healing, repair damaged skin.

  1. Matricaria extract
  1. Improve sensitivity, dryness, lack of water, peeling: calm and anti-inflammatory, moisturising and soothing.



After cleanse, apply SOS Essence (6-8 pumps), Massage 2-3mins until fully absorb. Rinse off with Clear Water




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