Super Hydrating Treatment Facial Mask
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Improve 9 Skin Problems

  1. Moisturising
  1. Radiant and Translucent
  1. Smooth
  1. Reduce Dry Lines
  1. Improve Dullness
  1. Whitening and Rejuvenate
  1. Sooth and Repair
  1. Improve Roughness
  1. Refine Pores



Core Ingredients:

  1. Expensive yeast product worth USD28,000 in one kilogram! Wake up the Skin with the Magical power of Nature.


Membrane Material:

New Tencel is composed of 80% Tencel and 20% imported high moisturising fiber, making this product more moisturising, water-locking and sticking than other Tencel Masks.

Smooth without Frill

  1. Comfortable and non-irrating
  1. High Premenability
  1. High Breathable and moisturising performance
  1. Environmentally friendly and degradable




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