Peptides Anti-Aging Serum
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Benefits of Peptides



Lofting and Slimming

Super Antioxidant Ability

Reducing Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Tightening Pores

Stimulate Skin Collagen and Elastin

Reduces Dark Spots

Balancing Skin Condition

Natural “Botox”


  1. Manuka Honey Bee Venom Peptide

Features: Bee venom is now popular with skin treatments. It is found that bee venom contains over 10 different peptides, often used with medical and skincare products.

Benefits: Firming and slimming, Super Anti-oxidant ability, effectively improves skin pores, stimulates skin collagen secretion.


Jasmine Extract

  1. Balance skin condition, anti-acne reduces dark spots, anti-bacterial features.


Lemon Balm Extract

  1. Features:

Average molecular weight under 1000kDa, perfect size for skin penetration.


  1. Benefits:

Moisturise skin, boost skin collagen synthesis and reduce dark spots. Bee Venom is regard as the “Natural Botox”. The best origin of bee venom is New Zealand, where all GMO plants are inhibited and the only country forbids antibiotics used with honey geoskincare is proud to be part of New Zealand as organic skincare brand.



8 bottles (2ml each)

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