Powerful Hair Serum
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Losing too Much Hair?

Loss of hair usually relates to stress, malnutrition, emotion shock and not having enough sleep. According to latest survey on hair loss people, it is estimated that over 200 million people have this problem. Alibaba retail platform data shows around 36.1% of the 90’s generation are already buying products that help with hair growth, becoming the main audience than 38.5% of the 80’s generation. It’s been years since hair growth products came out here in China, geoskincare Nanochip Beauty Instrument effectively opens up skin pores and optimize the serum’s benefits. 75 – 80% of clinicial data have supported its claim with hair growth.



Soy protein, ginseng, zinc salt, amino acids, glucosamine, vitamin B



Wash your hair every 2 – 3 days.

Do not use a Nylon Comb, use a wooden brush or pig bristle brush to massage your scalp, in order to boost metabolism.

Eat more soybean sesame and corn, food with high plant-based proteins. Do not use alkaline shampoo (ph>7) or those with strong cleansing effects.



8 bottles (2ml each)

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