LED Therapy Facial Mask
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3 Types of LED Light Therapy Treatment
*Red light (620-630nm) Promotes blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, promotes collagen growth, reduces wrinkles and activates skin.
*Blue light (460-470nm) Can effectively eliminate bacilli, remove acne and improve pore environment.
*Orange light (580-590nm) Improves microcirculation, diminishes pigmentation, improves skin roughness, poor circulation, etc.

Instructions to use:

1) Wash your Face with Cleanser

2) Apply Facial Mask

3) Use LED Light Therapy Device

* Use it alternative day for better result

* Each Treatment only 10mins, re-select again for next LED Light for Treatment. Use only RED LED Light first and select either Blue or Orange for your Treatment. You can use all 3 types should you need.

Come with Warranty (1yr)

FOC 10pcs Hyaluronic Facial Mask

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